So this is the end….

I started mining Ethereum in July 2017, with 400 GPUs. We did well, $100k USD revenue after 4 months, well on our way to returning our investment and making some good money. I also believed in ETH as the future world computer, and the proposals for scaling would happen.

That said, by October of that year, after reinvesting and expanding the mining farm even more, the value of ETH (and the larger market), started a slow decline.

Two months ago we stopped mining. After today, we have no plans to start mining again, it simply isn't profitable.

I spent a lot of time trying to understand what happened and why. My feeling is that the market makers, meaning the banks who want to use technologies like Ripple, ETH etc… Won't do it until the miners can't control it. As a result they've forced the market down all year, getting all but the bigger miners out of the game, then they can own it.

Sad. At least I'm still holding coin… But mining was dead a long time ago, nobody knew.