11/28/2018 to be International Buy 1 ETH and HODL Day

By the people, for the people.

There are literally 203,000 people subscribed to this sub. We basically have our own army. A militia. Anarcho-capitalists. Let's do something great together, instead of wallowing in our sorrows.

I propose 11/28 next week a day in which we all promise to band together and purchase a minimum of 1 ETH to HODL until PoS. It currently costs just $146 to buy 1 ETH. With the knowledge that such a huge market order will be filled on that day we can finally decouple from BTC and re-ignite the bull market.

Think about it. 203,000 ETH believers here. A 203,000 ETH buy volume day would see the biggest green cucumber this side of the moon and create the sentiment turn around we are all waiting for. At $30 million strong, it will be the biggest fuck off buy wall you have never seen.

We just need to all come together to make it happen. Upvote if you are in. Share this post with everyone you can. Twitter, Facebook, etc. Let's turn it around ourselves. We have the capability. We are in this together.

Please upvote the shit out of this post for visibility and traction over the next week. Make sure everybody knows about 11/28. Lets make it happen. Power in numbers. Safety in numbers. Guys we literally have an entire army of 203,000 eth lovers sitting here and we are just sitting on our hands. Let's take action!