Shakepay is the best way to fund and fastest withdraw in Canada IMO

I know everyone hates shilling but as I know many of you are interested in investing in Crypto and in light of recent events with the recent CIBC ruling with QuadrigaCX, us Canadians have one less choice for buying bitcoins using a Canadian company.

That’s why I’m going to shill Shakepay. The reasons it’s better than then the second best alternative, Coinsquare, are as follows.

Coinsquare places low limits on the amount you can buy and gradually increases them as you use the platform more. Shakepay does not do this. You can buy as much or as little as you want right away.

Coinsquare places holds on your withdrawals for days, sometimes weeks, if you want to buy an alt on Binance, your bitcoin or ether will be stuck on Coinsquare for several days before you can do this. This could cost you serious gains (crypto pumps fast). Shakepay does not do this. Once you buy at 0.75 tradi g fee, BTC or ETH you can withdraw and send it anywhere right away. This is great if you want to buy alts and it’s great if you want your private keys and want your bitcoin on your ledger or in your wallet right away (never trust exchanges with your coins)

Shakepay is fast and simple and you can use credit cards, wire transfer or interact e-transfer. To be fair, Coinsquare is simply to use as well and has the same funding options.

Both have great referral programs if you refer someone who deposits $100 or more on their first use.

Coinsquare gives both parties a free $20 Shakepay gives both parties a free $30

Really the biggest difference is how quickly your funds show up on Shakepay and the fact you can move your coins immediately after you buy.

What are your thoughts? What Canadian exchanges do you like the best?

Here is my referral for Shakepay if you feel some free bitcoin or ether. If you’ve already signed up to Shakpeay, refer your own friends and family and let’s spread the word of crypto!