Is it possible to tie an Ethereum smart contract be triggered by changes in a google doc?

I'm currently trying to work out a incentive for me and my friend who are gonna be working on a script. We considered doing financial penalties if someone failed to write as incentive, but then I started thinking that maybe we could each 'earn' by the word we wrote.

Is it possible to tie an ether contract to changes in a google doc. Like so and so many words per day would pay out to this address, and subtract from this address.

So each day we would both gain and lose money, and hopefully keeping both our balances semi balanced (as well as our workload). Ideally we would end up with the same money we started with. But if one person writes more than the other, or if one person is more lax about the daily deadlines, they would eventually run out of their share and lose their say.

At any point though, that person would be able to come back in and contribute and work their way back up to having plus on their ledger.

Is this doable currently?

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