[Research] Game Channels: state channels for the gambling industry with built-in PRNG

What have we done

After very extensive and detailed research in conjunction with BlockProof Tech LLC, DAO.Casino is announcing that it has found the future of the gambling industry. In what it is terming Gambling 3.0, DAO.Casino has found a way to increase interaction speed between DApps’ players, without losing any gas costs or security. The study has successfully shown that the generating of a new block approximately every 15 seconds and every transaction taking an average of six minutes can be reduced. This is because Game Channels will run on top of existing blockchains.


Blockchain technology has immense potential. At the same time, it is not always possible to scale blockchains. State Channels solve the problem of scalability while increasing the blockchain's speed and efficiency. State Channels present a workaround to current blockchains' TPS (transaction per second) bottleneck. We used State Channels as a foundation and created Game Channels. We built it around the needs of the gambling market. We also developed Signidice PRNG as well as a dispute resolution mechanism. Signidice uses unique digital signatures and is also described below. The potential use of Game Channels technology is not only gambling; some types of online gaming may also be able to use it.

Read more about our research on ethresear.ch: https://ethresear.ch/t/game-channels-state-channels-for-the-gambling-industry-with-built-in-prng/4341

Link to the paper describing the study: https://dao.casino/rnd/gamechannels.pdf

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