Killer App????

That phrase was around in the dot com bubble and afterwards. What is or will become Ethereum's killer app? The one that everyone uses and needs? The tech really doesn't matter. The use case is what matters. Tech can come later. Netflix streaming used to have crap resolution and crap library. But it killed rentals and dvd sales and now is slicing chunks out of Hollywood. Netflix solved the bandwidth problem by simply placing digital video libraries in the datacenters of local ISPs and got better movies with time. When are the real killer apps coming for Ethereum? No it's not some stupid nerd game- the internet had MUDs once upon a time. No it's probably not something that requires tokens, no it's not supplanting used book sales, no it's not grid compute, no it's not digital pog (store of value), no it's not ponzis or DAOs… I appreciate the focus on building but what about why????? Until then, I see no real reason for a bull. In the real world valuation doesn't build without value prop, specific use cases, supporting tech and then and then… Customers. So. What's next? $30 ether and then?

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