People working in the Ethereum ICO/Blockchain Incubation space – what have you noticed in 2018?

I'm not sure where to put this topic as it seems less focused on devs, but more marketing and fundraising – I'm super curious about anyone here who has developed/is developing an ICO, looking for funds, and how that process has gone so far in 2018.

We've heard a lot of rumors of ICOs "cashing out" and liquidating, and others going even completely bankrupt. But in the midst of all this – there are still LOTS of new companies using the ICO model, some legitimate, some bound to failure, that still reach out to the crypto space on a regular basis for investors and development support.

If you are working on the fundraising or marketing side of an ICO or ongoing Ethereum project – how are you handling the bear market? Have you raised enough funds in Ethereum? If so, what has your strategy been for raising fiat capital to pay developers and marketing costs? Did you convert to fiat or are you still holding greatly devalued Ether?

Also – how are you handling looming regulations? Are you running an equity token or security token? Have you played ball with government agencies or sought out asylum in countries without regulations?

Whether we want to admit it or not – ICOs and crypto projects still have to be run like businesses. Money needs to be made to pay for marketing costs and obtaining daily active users, as well as paying developers and overhead costs like domains, patents, etc.

Would love to hear from all those BUIDLing!