What if we’re stuck in a 2 year loop ?

Think about it. If ETH keeps dropping it'll be around the same price of early 2017, which is when the hype train started taking off. Furthermore, at prices as low as 9$ per ETH people will realize the only other place to go at that point is upwards. With renewed faith, the ETH community goes into a spending frenzy after they realize Ethereum is finally taking off. Come summer time we have a bit of a slump but that doesn't matter as a whole wave of new people and money comes into the market within the last 3 months. The price is increasing by the hundreds, day by day. After a year of absurd growth from 2019, Ethereum goes into 2020 strong as ever, it even breaks ATH !

Then January ends. We see a bit of a topple but nothing major, after all, with all that growth we're sure to bounce back real soon. Summer of 2020 roles around, its been months, things are more tame but people are stocking up for the bull run bound to happen… Months pass by and there's not a bull run or Science Guy in sight. Everyone's thrown around bull run dates but they've all come and gone. By now its the tail end of November and you realize that 2020 was not Crypto's year.

After coming to the realization that nobody can predict Ethereum's price and it will likely take several more months for a price recovery you decide to visit the ETHTrader subreddit. Scrolling through countless price and bull run prediction threads you see a post that catches your eye "What if we're stuck in a 2 year loop ?"