Allow me to introduce Upbloc, curated message board built on ethereum/ipfs and deployed to Ropsten today. 3 different curation frequencies – the slower the frequency, the tighter the filter and the higher the reward

Check it out here:

This project is my attempt to build an incentivized curation platform that was simple, easy to use, and would incentivize high quality content.

The main features are the idea of having different "tempos", each publishing the top-curated post at a different frequency. So we have an hourly tempo, a semidaily tempo, and a weekly tempo.

To incentivize posts, the published post wins credits equal to the number of hours in the frequency, so 1 for the hourly and 168 for the weekly. Credits are an ERC-20 token. No ICO or anything, they're just being given away for fun.

I deployed this to the ropsten testnet today. Would love any feedback and am happy to answer questions.

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