Physical Meets Digital: CryptoKaiju Launches

Today CryptoKaiju goes live for the world to see.

Collectable Vinyl toys backed by Blockchain tech!

The team behind Kaiju, taking reference from the Japanese film genre, are hoping that they can tap into a growing market of enthusiasts who want to be able to verify their collectibles. With the toy market lacking provenance and verifiable authenticity, the team are exploring opportunities to work with artists who are interested in seeing how the technology can be used in the scarcity and provenance of collectibles.

Each toy will have a tamper-proof resistant near-field communication (NFC) tag in its foot, enabling owners to use their smartphones or other devices to communicate with the chip. Using the same token standard as the popular virtual CryptoKitties, the team mint an "ERC721 compliant non-fungible token, or in simpler terms, a crypto-collectible,"

The Manchester, UK, based blockchain collective comprised of Oliver Carding, founder of CoinJournal, cryptocurrency and blockchain news site established in 2014 along with David Moore, James Morgan and Andy Gray, the three co-founders of KnownOrigin, an Ethereum based digital art marketplace.

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