It happened to me…

My Binance account was hacked, all coins sold to BTC, transferred off exchange.

My 2FA was temporarily disabled while switching phones, they got in through a trojan in a keygen from software I regretfully torrented.

It was my whole stack ~60 ETH.

I take full responsibility and I feel like garbage letting this happen. I starting buying in late summer 2017 and tended my coins with love every day.

Please, if you haven't yet, even if you heard this a million times before like I have.

Don't keep your main holdings on an exchange.

Use 2FA, if you have to change phones like I did when my 6p bootlooped, reactivate it right away.

Just spend the money on a hardware wallet. You're your own bank, take security seriously.

The money was enough to set me back for years, I'm a musician and don't earn much. I shudder when I think of the hours I spent staring and caring and loving those coins. (I grew a 10k stack of LINK since Etherdelta) I never felt like I could have wealth until crypto.

I only wish I'd taken a post like this seriously and got off the exchange or immediately reactivated 2FA (though if someone's in your email they can disable it without you knowing)

It all happened so fast. Over a year of love and holding through this bear and it's over in an hour. My heart is broken for this loss of my crypto.

Please let this be the post that motivates you to take security seriously so I didn't lose all that money, time, and love for nothing. Please take better care of your coins than I did.