ENS Bidding Script for Address 0xa7d65cd81f3631b9823a511a7f4bdddf081945f7

Hey, it's apparent to me that someone is buying up a lot of ENS domains using the address 0xa7d65cd81f3631b9823a511a7f4bdddf081945f7 (https://etherscan.io/ens?filter=hashregistered), likely via some kind of automated script I'm assuming based on the frequency of purchases. They outbid me on a domain that I want, and I would be happy to purchase it for a reasonable price, so my question is this:

Are there places other than ENSListing and NameBazaar to do this? It looks like they briefly explored NameBazaar (https://namebazaar.io/user/0xa7d65cd81f3631b9823a511a7f4bdddf081945f7/offerings), but the one I'm looking for isn't listed. If the person who owns that address reads this, please message me. I know of no other way to contact you. Thanks.

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