A completely free trading course available on Youtube. Beginner’s Section is done, Advanced Section has started already.

Hi everyone i'm here to spread the word about a course i discovered stickied on r/daytrading a few weeks ago, that someone had started a few weeks before already, and that is completely free and already available on Youtube 🙂

It's creator c0tt0nc4ndyTA plans to get this course done in four main categories:

– Beginner's Level:

Done and completely available for free on Youtube, it consists of 10 videos for a total of approximately 7h30 of content.

– Mental Analysis:

Also done and completely available for free on Youtube, it consists of 2 videos for a total of approximately 1h10 of content.

– Advanced Level:

He started the second part of his lessons last week and already have two of them available on Youtube (1h51 of content) and continues to deliver. This category is planned to be way bigger than the beginner's Level and there are actually 15 videos planned for it.

– Professional Level:

It will be done after the Advanced level, and 5 videos are planned in this level so far.

He has been using price action and support/resistance levels only for many years, no indicators and is trading cryptocurrency. I am trading on the forex and US stock market but his method being universal applies to any market, which means anyone can use it on any chart.

There is a Discord Community in which we discuss about the videos, make some calls and compare or talk about what we can improve in our charting and trading, c0tt0nc4ndyTA and the server Admin are actually pretty chill and down to earth and respond to many questions everyday so it is pretty cool.

He has opened a Patreon where all the funds are used towards a fund for building spiritual healing centers in Canada, to re-establish communities and lost cultures across all nations.

People being on Patreon have noting more than being able to see the lessons 24h before they go public, we don't have bonus materials or more content or hidden information.

Anyway here we are, i have nothing to sell, just these informations. Do whatever you want with it and have a good day / Night!

TLDR: The course is clear, free, and available on Youtube. More help and discussions on our Discord server!