Ethereum needs ProgPow

What is going on. It is clear our coin has been dominated by China and ASIC.

The excuse that POS is around the corner is not good enough. POS has been around the corner for years.

Even at this point if POS rolls out, Bitmain & China will still have the vast majority of Ethereum. We blame the SEC for price drops why? We should be blaming ASICs for mining our coin so ridiculously cheap and efficiently that it no longer has any value.

Regardless of what good news our environment receives the price will always be driven down as long as ASICs exist. They are creating far too many coins far too efficiently. They are deflating the price of Ethereum faster than anything.

Why have we been letting our entire blockchain be dominated by a few major players? How can the entire world see that this is a problem yet devs do nothing about it?

I don't know about ya'll but somethings not right. How could any developer sit back and watch this happen to their baby?

Please put ProgPOW into play. We need to wash out these ASIC and stabalize our centralization. Only then should we move a head with POS…

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