Today, Github required me to log in with an account just to view search results in a public repository.

So here's a rant.

To the part of the Ethereum community who are neutral/friendly towards Microsoft: why do you maintain that cognitive dissonance?

How many here have heard about Ethergit, the in-the-making effort to realize code collaboration and version management on top of Ethereum, using Swarm?

How many here have heard about Swarm?

Has the Ethereum Foundation considered allocating more resources to the heavily underfunded development of Swarm, which is supposed to be its own content storage system, part of the Ethereum vision since the beginning?

Will we wait until the first "We're sorry, you can't commit that right now." message appears?

Isn't this urgent anyway since developers are talking about shoving old blocks onto torrent and IPFS instead of Swarm, due to Swarm not being ready to serve that purpose?

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