Has anyone heard of this?

I saw a weird Etherscan account sending out 100 Ether at a time every minute or two, and has in total sent out ~17,000,000 Ethereum. All of the outgoing transactions it sends are going to accounts that have dozens of similar transactions of just receiving 100 Ether and sending it out again over and over.

So I went to internal transactions and it's receiving all its Ether in random amounts from this contract for the token named "Atoshima Konsato"..

I googled that name and ended up on this weird website https://www.faythe.io/paper.html something about a decentralized movement to defend cryptocurrency from governments, media, etc. – actually thought it was kind of cool, but then I went to their main site and it was some ICO sale website that looks like every other money grabbing ICO with no future. And it has "partners and advisors" of big University's and such.. when I haven't even heard anything about this.

How have they raised "1.7 million Ether" with an ongoing ICO that I haven't heard of, no popular news website has heard of, and I'm assuming nobody here has heard of. They don't even plan to have any product until 2020.

So I guess my question is, has anyone heard about this? Can anyone look into the contracts more and see whats going on? Or where all of this Ethereum is going to/coming from?