RigoBlock protocol AMA tomorrow 7PM UTC

RigoBlock will be hosting an AMA tomorrow at 7pm UTC in their Reddit sub.

Rigoblock is a protocol for decentralized asset management, live on the Ethereum mainnet. It allows anyone to create token pools, applications and platforms for asset management.

After integrating decentralized exchanges on testnets, a world's first: the integration of the Bitfinex order book, the world's most liquid, offering the best of fast execution, front-running protection, trustless transaction settlement through Ethfinex Trustless.

Everyone may now access asset management, create their own track record, or store Ether on multi-user automated smart contracts.

Due to so many novelties in our project, we realise that many of you might have some questions so we decided to organise an AMA session. You can leave your questions as comments below this linked post in the r/rigoblock sub, and tomorrow at 7 PM (UTC) we will start answering them. I am looking forward to your questions!


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