A closer look at the Griffex Exchange platform that promises zero-fee trading

The world is talking about cryptocurrencies and the exchanges done. There are various platforms which allow people to do transactions such as purchase and selling of the cryptocurrencies. One of such platform is Griffex. It is a marketplace for smart sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies. It is a good platform for seasoned investors, retail traders, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts and assists them to manage multi currency investment portfolio.

There are various challenges which Griffex tries to overcome. Some of them are listed below

Complex Structure of Exchanges There are different KYC policies, ways of funding and interfaces which results in a complex Structure. There are huge number of challenges faced by traders due to various policies that are like hurdles such as best pricing ,liquidity, withdrawals, and transactions.

The lack of Trading Choices There is very less amount of freedom given to the traders for utilizing best trading tools and smart strategies and investors due to lack of offerings for trading.

High Fees One most important factor or challenge is high fees for execution cost. Various platforms charge around 0.1% to 0.25% per transaction.

Asset Security One of the major concern for the investors and trader is whether the asset is secure. All the digital assets are prone to the attack of the hackers since all the exchanges platforms hold large cryptocurrencies deposit.

Customer Support Crypto Exchanges are infamous for poor customer support. Customers often face problems and doesn't receive timely support and seeks for resolution. FAQs and other resources often make customers dilemma position

Listing Requirements Many exchanges supports very less number of the digital assets available for investments. Large numbers of alternative coins and newly issued tokens are not available

Griffex tries to solve all these problems by providing some of the great features. Some of the features are

Griffex tries to bring major trading platforms and aggregators of liquidity and financial institutions under one roof. This will result in a new way of approaching crypto trade investments. Griffex introduces you to diversified trading and investment instruments with an institutional grade exchange platforms which is a win win situation for every party. There are various features like Index tracker, trading can be done flexibly on the indexes in which each has a different set of characteristics(return on investments).

Griffex tries to solve problem of high fees by introducing transmining that allows trader to complete their transactions which are in effect free of cost and in exchange they get GFX tokens.

Griffex platforms offers in house wallet which supports multi currency payment in Griffex own ecosystem.

Customer support is provided for 24/7 with learning resources.

The purpose of supernodes that are crypto institute of eminence acts like bulwark against listing in the platform.

Griffex visions to create an influential global cryptomarket exchange ecosystem that pioneers the adoption of cryptocurrency. Its aim is to build a user friendly platform that is mediated by community standards and are powered by disrupting technology of blockchains. Griffex is the fully functional and highly adaptable platform which integrates user requirements to make a well calculated investments at very low risk with strategies.

Website : https://griffex.co/ ANN & Bounty : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5079808.