Hello darkness, my old friend…

Old timer here. Just wanted to do a quick post about these days. I got involved in Ethereum at the ICO level and just want to share my thoughts with you guys.
Blockchain technology is here to stay.
Only the strong will survive. I went through the DAO Wars and made it.

In a few years will be laughing about all this. ETH will become more valuable than oil since it will form the backbone of the IoT revolution, and the AI systems that will become increasingly aware of Blockchain as a source of truth.

Network effects are already in place. Ethereum was the first true Smart Contract platform, and it is evolving rapidly. Other projects don't even have 10% of the developer base of Ethereum.

Ethereum Enterprise Alliance. Blockchain City in Nevada. Dubai, Singapur and Zurich will become the first blockchain-based City States with full sovereignty. Its own Constitution & Cryptographic enforced Laws. Autonomous driving. 3D printing. All enforced by Ethereum Blockchain technology.

So, just to finish up, future has never been BRIGHTER. Remember, dawn is always preceded by the darkest hour of the night.
I just wanted to offer a candle in the middle of this darkness. That's all.