MakerDAO → first real use case

I was observing this project for a long time but haven't taken out any DAI yet. Today I invested some € my family will need next year back into ETH (!), but not for taking it out next year and counting on it, it's for increasing the collateral size:

Plan is to take a short-term loan once or twice and pay it back quickly once other property generates cashflow… This really seems quite revolutionary… no papers with the bank etc.

We should consider actually using this system for real use cases, not for getting out loans to buy more ether… This probably is obvious to creators and longer term users of MakerDAO, but still: it's a great tool for planning… now we are in control of another big part instead of just hodling value in our 100% control.

Just mentioning it here, today was finally a nice entry point to double that ether position that was taken out because € will be needed in middle-term… better to increase a collateral margin for error and try the future of permissionless loans on the real case than to "play safe".

Be smart when "others" are fearful… and find the others! "_" I also suggest listening to Freeman Dyson if you like alternative approaches to Everything. Someone should ask HIM what he thinks about this weird blockchain thing… and Murray Gell-Mann would also know a thing or two.

Back to work!

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