It makes no difference buying at $60 or $80 or $90. Speculating is pointless

Friday at 7pm GMT crypto coiners went crazy buying in. They waited 24hrs looking for a new spike. There's no spike and traders are withdrawing hour by hour. They are using high leverages. Imagine you can afford to buy only 1 BTC ($3200) they suddenly go on a trade that involves $322.000. That is insane.

In times of immediate reward, lasting more than 24hrs with an open order of 300.000$ is a miracle. Traders subscribed to the dream of buying the bottom.

The invisible hand of the market knows that very well. As well as it knows that 95% of people who speculate loss money.

Most people think that the key here is to buy cheap and sell expensive. They are actually doing the opposite: Buying expensive and selling cheap. There's no way you can time the market. What makes you last here in this psycho game is the size of your position. Going to big will make you too nervous. Go small is the key in order to generate brutal compound interest returns. The people that come from the 2100 satoshis or 0.42$ knows that very well.

The same goes for the Bitcoiners who bought in at 6$. It doesn't matter to buy at 6$ or 12$ if you can't last long enough. One can think: "at 6$ I can have double the bitcoins, hence double the money"

This is a very ineffective way of thinking, simply because the size of your position makes it impossible to hodl it long enough.

Learn from the past, look at the Bitcoin chart and realise that it makes no difference buying at 6 or 12$, when the gains are so brutal throughout the years, the key here is to last and be part of this amazing experiment.