Parallel processing smart contracts in the EVM

Hey guys, I’m new to this sub but had a question about Ethereum’s VM processing bottleneck issue. Would it be possible to add a clause to any smart contract specifying the number of nodes they would like to have process the contract, and would this allow for parallel processing?

  1. Let’s say each contract specified the number of nodes it required to reach consensus on it (more nodes costing more gas).
  2. The contract would then be added to a “processing que.”
  3. When a node was available it would scan the que, select/claim the contract, and process it.
  4. Once the contract in the que had the specified number of nodes processing it, it would be removed from the que.
  5. The result of the contract (which had been agreed upon and signed by the random cohort of nodes that ran it) would be posted to the network as a verified solution and adopted by all other nodes.

In theory the random assignment of nodes to a smart contract on a network of sufficient size would insure that no one malicious actor could process his/her own contract.

This would also allow network participants to pay for the level of “certainty” (number of nodes) they would like a contract processed with.

Like I said, I am new to all this and am almost certain that there is an error I am overlooking and would love to get some feedback

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