Raising funds in ETH/DAI for a good cause

Hi everyone,

Together with french association MAD Lombok and Coinhouse, the crypto-company I work for, we are raising funds in BTC, ETH and DAI for give further assistance to the inhabitants of Lombok and Sulawesi who deeply needs it.

Let's leverage crypto networks to show that cryptocurrencies are not just about speculation and can contribute to the well-being of the world.


  • Earlier this year Lombok and Sulawesi got hit by several intense earthquakes and a tsunami dealing lots of damage to the inhabitants and their homes.
  • Funds were raised globally but more is needed and every bit helps.
  • Crypto is an efficient way of raising funds.
  • Let’s raise funds to help the people of Lombok and Sulawesi get back on their feet!
  • Funds will be managed by the french based association MAD Lombok. Learn more about them on their Facebook page here.

Send some help with BTC: 3ApZ4CbuyLv7hGuYV2EctmMmaJDYw1qPoq

Send some help with ETH or DAI: madlombok.ethsimple.eth (0x735B67470E507221672Fd77a9C11FC392EAC700a)


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