Recovering (hive?) eth wallet that used a 12 word phrase

I used to use a web-based wallet where one entered a 12 word phrase every time you visited the site to unlock it. . The wallet contained ETH, and in my notes where I wrote the 12 words (which I have) I wrote "hive" next to it. I was using it up until about a year ago.

Google searches turned up a defunct Hive Wallet, but it was only for BTC and LTC as far as I can tell. Does anybody know of an Eth wallet that is web based and was unlocked via a 12 word phrase, and if so, how I would access it today using either web pages, some local software, or a trezor (which I also have)?

I also have the RX address related to the wallet FWIW, although I don't think that helps anything, unless RX addresses somehow indicate how/where they were created.

If I am able to recover the wallet I'll send 0.1 ETC to the first poster who helps me figure this all out.

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