New Donuts distribution scheduled for 2019-01-01

As mentioned in the initial post introducing Donuts, each week we will publish the Distribution List for the previous week’s contributions.

After the first week, we will publish the Distribution List (in a csv) to provide transparency about how points are awarded. The list will only include people who earned karma during the prior week, based on their contributions. Out of respect for your privacy, we want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to opt out if they would like. You can opt out of appearing in this list and future distributions here.

Distribution List

Here is the link to this week's Distribution List. This only accounts for contributions made in the previous week.

You now have more information about how Donuts are distributed to everyone in the community. This is so you can modify distribution in a way that is best for r/ethtrader. Polls to change distribution must reach the decision threshold.

When will you receive your Donuts?

There is a week-long period in between when the csv is published and the Donuts are distributed.