Event Logs Reveal All Activity Of Every Dapp

Smart Contracts normally generate an Event Log for every action that occurs. Those Event Logs are encoded, which make them difficult to view from Etherscan.

This website parses Event Logs, and displays them in a database grid:


The following features are included at LogFile.info:

  1. All the Events from every Dapp are shown.
  2. Sort the Event Log data by any field (in ascending or descending order).
  3. Enter Filter Criteria for any field, including partial matches.
  4. Select a Time Span, from 'One Hour' to 'All Days'.

Here are a few reasons to use LogFile.info:

  1. See every deposit or withdrawal for any Dapp.
  2. See all activities for any individual Ether address.
  3. See how much activity a Dapp has received in the past hour, day, or month.

The 30 most active Dapps are shown in a dropdown box, or you can enter any other Dapp Contract Address.