Security measures for staked ether

I have been doing a bit of reading on POS and looking forward to the testnet going live in a few months time.

One aspect which I haven't seen discussed is how to secure your staked coins. Will we be able to stake directly from a hardware wallet, or do we need to somehow store the eth on the machine running the node?

Option 1 is obviously best as it is most secure. Not many people will want to be holding 10s of thousands of dollars on an amazon web server or even their own home computer which has the potential to be hacked or stolen.

My guess is that you will be able to stake from any eth address you have control of (i.e hardware, paper, or metamask and not an exchange) and when you want to stake you:

  • set up a node at home or AWS etc
  • send your 32eth to a smart contract (which will remain linked with your public address)
  • somehow securely link your node and wallet
  • receive that sweet eth dividend

Anyone know if that is correct?

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