[Unpopular Opinion] Stop fighting with bitcoin maximalists

Our fight is not with bitcoin, our fight is with the centralized systems. I'll take it as a win if more people start using bitcoin rather than centralized systems. It would be perfect if they use ethereum but I am happy even if they move to bitcoin.

We should be working hand in hand with bitcoin maximalists to drive user adoption from centralized systems to decentralized systems. Let's fight against centralized systems rather than crypto vs crypto.

Also, let's not jump on anyone criticising us. Even if criticism may not be 100% valid, it probably still has some valid points. No need to laugh off the critics or shame them. Let's just correct them where they are wrong and appreciate the time they took to criticize. CRITICS ARE IMPORTANT.

Same goes for the hate against media. Even sensationalized articles that are somewhat positive can bring in adoption. No need to hate them. Nobody is asking you to stand behind those article but there is no need to publicly shame and hate the authors. MEDIA IS IMPORTANT.

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