Concerning the massive shilling on r/cryptocurrency

So, I guess it's no secret that r/cryptocurrency is shill central, where they all congregate to upvote/downvote each other, accuse each other's coin of being a scam, aso.

This has bothered me for a long time already, and mostely I've dealt with it staying far away from that sub. At the same time I'm sure it's one of the first places newbies would go to for information on cryptocurrencies, so we should care about what goes on there!

Just witnessed this over there today: Someone asks how they can accept crpytocurrencies as payment at their restaurant in a thread about a restaurant in Brazil accepting crypto. OP comments by solely linking them to Nano wallets and sites (probably the reason they made the thread in the first place) and that post immediately get's 10 upvotes. OK, so far so normal for the sub. But then another user replies telling them to stop shilling. Their post immediately got downvoted of course but then also removed after a few minutes. I write a comment asking the user if the mods removed their post. They post one more comment which also got removed, then I get a PM from that user saying the mods banned him. Here's the thread:

Has anyone else seen stuff like that happening on that sub? It's well known that many of the mods of coin specific subs are quite ban happy and it's an open secret some are in fact run by the people running the coins but this is really going too far! All this stuff is really bad for all serious cryptocurrencies that aren't just cash grabs. What do you guys think can be done?