QuarkChain Scalability

Scalability and security do not go always hand-in-hand when it comes to blockchain technology. QuarkChain have set out to find a solution that balances both these needs through by separating the two main functions of the chain into separate layers.

The first layer contains all minor blockchains, or shards, which process a sub-set of all transactions independently. As the number of shards increase, so to does the number of transactions which can be processed concurrently.

The second layer of QuarkChain is the root chain. The primary function of the root chain is to confirm all blocks from the sharded chains, but does not process transactions itself.

QuarkChain allows for two types of transactions- in-shard and cross-shard. In-shard transactions occur between addresses on the same shard. However, setting the QuarkChain ICO apart from other high-throughput solutions is the ability to conduct cross-shard transactions. The throughput of the cross-shard transactions system will scale linearly as the number of shards increases.


Submitted January 06, 2019 at 02:53AM by wealthspy
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