Friend inherited presale wallet – needs a little guidance

Hi r/ethereum, thanks in advance for anyone here who can help answer these questions. (I'm using a temp account for privacy.)

My best friend passed from cancer recently and I'd known from conversations that he'd held bitcoin on Coinbase. Before he died he gave his widow, also a friend of mine, the access info for that. I just learned from her that he apparently also purchased a little bit of ether in the 2014 presale, and she has the files he received – the JSON wallet and what I believe is the encrypted private key. She also has paper notes that include what she believes is his password from that purchase.

She has asked me for help in understanding this and guiding her on how to convert this ether to a more accessible form, and while I have more familiarity with these topics than she, I'm still a relative neophyte and would be very grateful for guidance from the community on a couple questions:

(1) Most pressingly, is there anything she would need to do before the upcoming Constantinople hard fork in order to maintain future ability to access the presale wallet? I understand from what I've read that no actions are necessary if ether is held in a conventional wallet or mainstream exchange, but I haven't seen any specific mention about presale wallets. And while it seems that shouldn't be an issue, we just want to be sure.

(2) Assuming we can wait until after the fork to do so, what does the community consider the most secure and – ideally – user-friendly application/device/service for import of presale wallets so the ether can eventually be transferred to an exchange? I remember reading at one point a while back (before I knew of my friend's holding) that MyEtherWallet could do this but in looking into it again just now I've seen stories about the MEW hack last year, and the MyCrypto split, and am not sure if either of those is now considered reliable. I've also seen that geth can be used for this (in conjunction with the Mist wallet? I'm not clear on that) but as neither she nor I are developers, we're a little wary of using a command-line interface for this and inadvertently screwing something up.

Apologies in advance for any inaccuracies or confusion in what I've written, as I'm trying my best to get up to speed quickly on this and help my friend. Really grateful for any guidance you all can offer. Thank you!

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