Is there a need for international remittance with cryptocurrencies?


I recently spoke with developers of international remittance cryptocurrencies service, and here is message from them, they are looking for feedback:

We’re a couple of crypto fanatics who have just launched DuniaPay ( . With DuniaPay, you can use your BTC (or BCH/ETH/LTC/XLM) to send money to a bank account abroad in under 48 hours.

During last year’s crypto boom, we experienced first-hand that cashing out our ‘crypto gains’ wasn’t easy — particularly when sending it to another country. With this experience, we figured we could create a better solution, and offer a fast and low-cost alternative.

We’ve been working on this for a while now, and did a soft launch a few days ago. Currently we’re looking for feedback from the crypto community. So the question to you is: Is this something you would use? And do you have any suggestions as to improve our service?
We’re very keen to hear what you think, and welcome any and all feedback. Thanks!

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