The Future of ETH Livestream & AMA: Ross Zhang (Huobi), Raul Jordan (Prysmatic Labs), Afri Schoedon & Wei Tang (Parity Tech), Qijun Wang (Ethereum Community Fund) & David Knott (OmiseGO & Bitfish) – 15 Jan, 5PM GMT+8

Huobi Global is proud to host this upcoming livestream and AMA where our esteemed speakers will be talking about the upcoming Constantinople hard fork, how it will affect the Ethereum ecosystem, and the industry in general. Our speakers are notable contributors in the space, and look forward to bringing you valuable insight on Ethereum. Ask them anything, and they'll be glad to answer live on air and also in this thread!

The livestream will be held on 15 January 2019, at 5pm Singapore time (GMT+ 8) here:

Post your questions here, and our speakers will answer live on air! (Answers will also be recorded here)


Ross Zhang (Moderator)

Ethereum Community Lead and Assistant to the COO at Huobi Group.

Raul Jordan

Co-founder of Prysmatic Labs. Raul studied computer science at Harvard University and is a Thiel Fellow now working on layer 1 scalability for the protocol.

Wei Tang

Rust core developer at Parity Technologies, working on Ethereum and Ethereum 2.0 development. Author of SputnikVM and Rux microkernel.

Afri Schoedon (u/5chdn)

Ethereum Hardfork Coordinator and Parity Technologies' Ethereum Release Manager

Qijun Wang

Executive Director of Ethereum Community Fund.

David Knott

Ethereum community member and member of Omisego and Bitfish.

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