Let’s talk about Constantinople hard fork.

So we all know that the delay was announced on Tuesday – less than 24 hours before the hard fork was due to take place when the vulnerability allowing a reentrancy attack was discovered. Yes, good job ChainSecurity. You save Ethereum from huge troubles.

But still, I've got some questions.
Does it take 1,5 month to just remove one update from the whole pack? Or they take time to convince miners to support the hard fork and accept the fact that mining award will be 2 eth instead of 3.

Also, do you think Constantinople hard fork can affect the price?
In my opinion – yes. If the Eth's team postpones the update one more time, it can seriously hit the price. At now there're no problems yet, and ETH is following the market tendency, and over the month Eth even increased by 3% as coin360 shows. What if Ethereum will release the update, but it will cause some problems with the work? I say these, BCS they took a quite long time to develop this update and still have issues after many tests.
I genuinely love Ethereum and their intention to deliver the best quality.