The Exclusive Ethereum Hardfork Naming Challenge

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear traders, miners, developers, hodlers, and observers!

All of you might have noticed that the Metropolis phase of the Ethereum roadmap is taking longer than initially announced when the network launched back in 2015. Not only, did we split up Metropolis into multiple parts (Byzantium, Constantinople), it also looks like there will be many more protocol upgrades on the legacy Ethereum network ("1.x") during that phase.

Besides, after dropping the idea of the hybrid Casper last year, now it looks like Serenity will not be a hardfork but a parallel proof-of-stake network ("2.0"). So, to avoid naming the next protocol-upgrade Istanbul, and becoming more and more clueless about subsequent fork names, and to show how creative our community is, I propose the exclusive r/ethtrader hardfork naming challenge for Ethereum.


  1. This is a contest thread. Submissions only count on top-level comments. Comments below are just for discussion and love letters. I would encourage moderators to change the default comment sorting to contest mode if possible.
  2. Submissions should contain at least three example names and make a sense in any possible creative way. Please try to explain it. Bonus if that line of titles is extensible beyond three. Example: > Ceres, Eros, Vesta, CA-2216862, Pallas – names of Asteroids settled by da beltalowda in the expanse, sasa ke?
  3. This thread will be running for at least seven days. If this community appreciates this move, I will encourage to sticky it. It is vital to cross-post it in other parts of the community, to reach as many participants as possible.
  4. The top seven suggestions will make it to the finals, a donut-weighted poll here on r/ethtrader.
  5. The winning entry will be added to an EIP outlining the Ethereum hardfork process and presented at a future all-core-developers call.

Happy brainstorming! 🍩 🤯 🍩 🍩 🍩


  1. Why did you choose r/ethtrader? > 🍩
  2. Why is Metropolis taking so long? Why is Serenity delayed? > I don't feel confident to answer this. It took a while to finalize the specification for Serenity, and in the process, we discarded some ideas that looked good in the beginning but where superseded by even better ideas. We are still in the Metropolis phase.
  3. Why is Serenity its own chain now? What does this mean for the legacy chain? > The design of Serenity can be considered as third generation blockchain technology. It's easier to start from scratch and allow for a clear migration path from the legacy chain to the beacon chain. The old chain will eventually die once everyone transitioned to the next generation Ethereum. The details, however, are not fleshed out yet.
  4. Why not just call all subsequent forks Istanbul? > Istanbul is a valid entry, even though it's dull. I'm obviously biased but if you want to go for it, just propose it.
  5. Why would anyone care about the community here? > Because you are a fantastic community and you have donuts.
  6. Why don't you come up with your own names? > Because everyone will hate me for naming hardforks CA-2216862. Also, I'm not the boss here and love the power of crowd-sourcing.
  7. Star Trek or The Expanse? > The Expanse.