[0x OTC]: receive 1 DAI for every 1200 Donuts you sell

Looking to buy a bunch of Donuts. Receive 1 DAI for every 1200 Donuts you sell.

Anyone (multiple people) can fill a chunk of the following order, there is no minimum.

View or fill the 0x OTC order here: LINK

Raw order:

{"signedOrder":{"senderAddress":"0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000","makerAddress":"0x48f3b8871c0da97c2db6ec35e0961fc269870d63","takerAddress":"0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000","makerFee":"0","takerFee":"0","makerAssetAmount":"4500000000000000000000","takerAssetAmount":"5400000000000000000000000","makerAssetData":"0xf47261b000000000000000000000000089d24a6b4ccb1b6faa2625fe562bdd9a23260359","takerAssetData":"0xf47261b000000000000000000000000023d80c4ee8fb55d4183dd9329296e176dc7464e1","expirationTimeSeconds":"1548284400","feeRecipientAddress":"0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000","salt":"8597079546964170075474149544796659568288454061393479354787756418897548597679","signature":"0x1bdf3102e4dd53b9cd7c0e7c6829b27059b38611fab3a6dd2801e1bc9a9154933f2c172654eb78b531c1646e6580748786105ad3aaba3613d07a5f908cf2ffd62903","exchangeAddress":"0x4f833a24e1f95d70f028921e27040ca56e09ab0b"},"metadata":{"makerToken":{"name":"Dai Stablecoin v1.0","symbol":"DAI","decimals":18},"takerToken":{"name":"DONUT","symbol":"DONUT","decimals":18}}} 

You can also fill the raw order by pasting it here: https://0x.org/portal/fill

Come at me Donut whales, minnows, and sardines.

To convert /r/ethtrader Donuts into tradable ERC20 tokens (full instructions here), go to at donut.dance:

  1. Oauth into donut.dance with your Reddit account
  2. Deposit donuts into donut.dance from your reddit account by sending them to /u/ProofOfDonuts
  3. The donuts will show up in your donut.dance account
  4. Withdraw the donuts from your donut.dance account to your Ethereum wallet
  5. Allow the 0x smart contract to access your donuts (I think the Bitly LINK will bring you through a flow to do this).
  6. Go to the Bitly LINK to fill the order for whatever amount of donuts you want.
  7. DAI arrives in your wallet.

Note: I recognize that not everyone is excited about the prospect of people freely buying/selling Donuts as it could lead to a degraded experience for /r/ethtrader community members. I lurk this subreddit all the time, acknowledge that great power comes with great responsibility, and if I someday become a Donut whale I promise to use my Donuts for good.