SimplyBrand : The 2 concepts

1.Impact Calculator

From a simple brand, this ecosystem can help when there is a possibility of loss of income in the online market, which is a system that serves to provide transparency in e-commerce and its function, namely to understand or avoid fraud and problems that you have it.

From the description above it proves that caution against counterfeit goods is for your security and solutions to problems that you often go through. please try it by visiting this site

2.Counterfeit Risk Detector

With this tool, you don't need to be afraid or worried about forgery because every user is very easy to send a product URL or brand platform that you say is simple, for the process of evaluating a risk that it is a forgery will be done through a score presentation.

This detector strengthens counterfeiting protection against you to choose items that are guaranteed authenticity and you don't need to doubt it anymore. from what I read for trial the system is still in process and I will include the site here if there has been an update from simplybrand.

In addition to the explanation above, there is something else called Dapp MVP, of course, you are curious about the explanation of this MVP Dapp, please refer to the following explanation:

Clearly, this MVP Dapp contributes easily and certainly pleasant to you, which gives you the ease of registration through anti-counterfeit protected stages where you will get SBA tokens here. In addition, whatever the brand or product, it will give prizes where prizes can be exchanged with SBA tokens on the Dapp you have registered. With this MVP Dapp is the best opportunity for you to develop your product with the ease of SBA technology through its tokens.

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