Uncle Rates: More node efficiency or less decentralization?

I made this spreadsheet with a simple uncle rate calculation and one commented graph:


(data source: https://www.etherchain.org/)

The fact: Uncle Rates are at historical low given the actual transaction number

Problem: what is the real reason?

There are two and an half points:

1) better ethereum blockchain topology ( more efficient and modern nodes, especially Parity without issue #9954*)

2) less decentralization, more professional mining farms

2.5) Is asic mining correlated with the point 2?

I hope in 1) but I fear that 2) is equally true given the fact that uncle rates are going down almost linearly starting BEFORE a serious bug (for uncle rates) in Parity client was fixed.

I vote for a quick change in the PoW hashing algorithm. Make ethereum asic-resistant again.


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