Gigzi Structure

Gigzi came to the disclosure of the three main functions of the Gigzi platform:

wallet; exchange; treasury.


To get into your wallet, the user will need to pass a biometric check through the Gigzi Iris app. This application was developed with the latest technology in the field of security, such a world leader as – IriTech. It should be noted that this company has developed similar security systems for organizations such as the OON and many other health systems, services and States. The introduction of biometric security system will allow to implement a high degree of security Gigzi wallet, as well as to distinguish it from all other existing wallets.


Due to the presence of a private exchange, the system Gigzi will allow all users to quickly spend the cryptocurrency exchanges of assets with Fiat and Vice versa. Also, for users, due to the integration of API exchanges, the function of transferring cryptocurrencies from one exchange to another will be available. The same will apply to traditional Fiat exchanges. This principle allows not to be limited to one exchange, but to interact with a wide range of partners.


As I said earlier, the Gigzi system intends to back up each of its coins with precious metal from this and there will be a further classification of coins: GZP (Platinum), GZG (Gold) and GZS (Silver). Each time when there will be a purchase of a coin, it will be supported by 1 gram of metal. When the cycle of the transaction will occur in the opposite direction and will be the redemption of precious metals, the system will immediately be the destruction of the crypto-asset. This principle will allow you to quickly exchange Gigzi Black for Gigzi Metals and convert your assets into a more stable market of precious metals. By the way, this event will be attended by the largest mint of Australia, which to this day is engaged in the extraction of precious metals for the new York Mercantile exchange, London, Shanghai, Dubai and Tokyo Mercantile exchange. Therefore, it makes no sense to doubt the purity of the source of precious metals. Since the partnership with Gigzi includes the most transparent relationship and excellent ethics for the organization of transactions.

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