PROPOSAL: capping tx amounts based on nonce values (give newcomers an opportunity to learn from their mistakes)

I was made to bear witness as a new user was engaging crypto for the first time. Using MEW no less.

The hill is steep. I had no idea.

We're soon going to see 2.0. I'd like to see some way of giving users training wheels. I want to prevent the situation where they impulsively just go all-in because they're getting tired of the UI and want to just get it done, which is what I saw today.

So, for example, a tx with nonce 1 gets to only spend 0.00001 ETH, maybe nonce 2 goes up to 0.0001 ETH, where graduation comes at maybe nonce 5 where the cap is lifted.

Let's say scaling works beautifully. Hundreds-of-thousands if not millions of new users, right?

What does it do for adoption if there are going to be horror stories about losing the farm because of a fumbled transaction? The number is going to be huge because now we're reaching beyond tech savvy users. And what kind of pretext does that arm politicians with, politicians who either don't grok crypto or are otherwise fearful of it?

The only downside that I can see is that many of us create new accounts all of the time, and so our initial use of each of these keys will be burdened with additional transactions.

I'm not saying that doesn't suck. I just consider that an acceptable price to pay. What say you?

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