Why are people worried?

Hi everyone, I was just wondering why so many people are still so doom and gloom, I know everyone is just focusing on the price, even though we have the most developed team by far, but even if that is all you are doing, why are you not celebrating that you can be buying more at these sort of prices, my strategy for all of this year will be to buy as much as I can every month when I get paid, I seriously don't think there will ever be a chance like this again in our lifetimes, yes you can make 5% maybe 10% on stocks and shares but you will never get the returns that crypto can provide, and now you have a second chance to buy an already proven "product" at a very discounted price and you don't want in? Yes there is the argument that people who bought at the top feel very burned but really if you held all the way down to now, you must have some belief in Ethereum, so just go for it do what you can to top up what you had and I dont think you will regret it, and I am not just saying this to "shill my bags" as some people like to say, I am and will be buying each month this year, whether the price goes up or goes down, and to be honest I would prefer it to go down right now so I would be getting more each month, but I want people along for the ride and for them to not miss out also, I have been lurking for some time and just recently decided to get on reddit and be part of the community, and I am hoping to get to know a fair few of you here as well and we can all experience the highs and lows together, better stop here as I have been rambling for a bit now, but seriously stay strong guys, and if there was ever a time to be greedy this is it!