ProgPoW decision still delayed and removed from next Core Devs call agenda. We need action NOW!

I am Andrea Lanfranchi and I'm responsible for the integration of ProgPoW into ethminer.
On next Core Dev Meeting (Friday February 1) the agenda originally included the ProgPoW topic which was later removed (
Eventually Hudson Jameson revealed that they're trying to organize a 3rd party audit on the matter. Results will be eventually reported to the community who, finally, will try to reach a consensus.

Needless to say such process will take several weeks (best case scenario) to a couple of months (or more) only for the production of valuable data to analyze and discuss. I strongly believe this is not acceptable.
I'm not pushing for the acceptance of ProgPoW (or any algo change) nor for its denial.
What I am pushing for is the quick definition of a matter which, left unfaced, will leave both parties involved (the ones in favour of change and the ones against it) in a state of uncertainty and/or wishful thinking with potential further economical losses (I reiterate … on both parties !!)

We need a clear statement now: whichever it is. Devs can't keep hiding : till now they've been the guidance of ethereum and also assumed political decisions when needed (eg. issuance reduction). This time they can't delegate any decision to a – still unknown – 3rd party subject (who btw will be for sure unpopular to some actor).

Getting to a decision too late will be of no use for anybody as there won't be time for appropriate testing and deployment (in case of acceptance) or, on the other hand, many miners (regardless their size) will eventually keep mining with the wrong equipment for too long (in case of denial).

Someone has to decide ! And has to do it now !

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