What are Bluenote’s goals and their uses for the future or the future?

What are Bluenote's goals and their uses for the future or the future?
In December, the Bluenote project will launch the BNOW cryptocurrency through an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). BNOW IEO will be the first opportunity for the general public to participate in the new global energy efficiency protocol. The IEO will offer BNOW tokens directly through leading international cryptocurrency exchanges.

"Bluenote handles the biggest pollutants first, and it does so in a way that really enhances the financial performance of the underlying real estate," said Bluenote founder and chairman Michiel Frackers. "Real estate owners, investors, governments and energy companies are constantly looking for new energy-efficient solutions and new ways to use data that their buildings can create to save money. We have built a blockchain-based protocol to create a global network of people who want to make this industry a success. "

Explicit approval or profit sharing does not protect you
Until now, the two main ways to handle data privacy / confidentiality issues were one or two of:

  1. Explicit agreement. Participation has become the norm for individuals with European GDPR actions. Regarding explicit collection agreements, it is usually possible to access data and the possibility to delete the data.
  2. Profit sharing. A number of markets including several blockchain-based solutions aim to overcome this problem as if it were merely an unfair advantage, assuming cash would offset privacy and confidentiality issues.


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