Call for the Ethtrader Symposium

Hey Donut Freaks, and ETH Aficionados

I joined Ethtrader in early 16, full of hope for our decentralized future. Joining a group of about 900 developers, crypto traders, hot-headed technologists, altcoin shills, batshit crazy trolls, core developers, and entrepreneurs. On the trading floor, we were all the same. Trading bags and shilling news back when we were just over $1.

In 2017, I decided to stop trading, buidl, put the rubber to the road and today run a team of over 20 developers, entrepreneurs and change makers in crypto winter. Probably the best decision I ever made. But most importantly, I'll never forget the good times in this thread, the sense of community, how much I learned and how much you gave back. And checking back in here, you guys seem like you're having an ABSOLUTE BLAST. I'm seeing an active community of thousands of people, a ton of donuts. I say, it's time for a face to face reunion of old and new.

And more importantly, I say its time for Ethtraders to really step up and physically connect and voice their concerns in a single real place, a conference. To discuss the price and economics of Ethereum and its future out in the open.

I formally propose we hold an Ethtrader Symposium, funded by Donuts. I'm connected with a several funds, dapps and ecosystem players that could make this a reality if you're keen. But beyond a reunion, I believe Ethtrader has a duty to step up and discuss one most pressing topics: practical price economics and ETH's success. Please read /u/ameensoleimani

Pinging some personal heroes /u/antiprosynthesis /u/jtnichol /u/grossbit /u/Mr_Yukon_C /u/ABabyAteMyDingo /u/heliumcraft and so so many deleted accounts that will be forever lost in the Ether. Pinging the new heroes /u/shouldbdan /u/carlslarson and ALL of YOU reading this thread. We have economic power. Let's put our resources to work, even if its just a donut.