[Governance Poll] Establish Governance Poll Rules & Guidelines

The following is a proposal to establish rules and guidelines for submitting ethtrader governance polls. The new rules would be as follows:


Note: This document distinguishes between General polls and Governance polls. Governance polls are used to make binding changes to the rules of the sub and may be enforced by UI changes undertaken by Reddit devs or by moderator actions. For example, a Governance poll was used to retain u/carlslarson as the first moderator. General polls are the default option in the poll creation ui while governance polls require selecting as such from a dropdown selector.


General Polls may:

  • be created at any time by any user


Governance Polls must:

  • be preceded by a Poll Proposal1 post
  • be selected as a "governance poll" in the Reddit UI (activates 'decision threshold' mechanism)
  • have a minimun duration of 5 days
  • be tagged GOVERNANCE
  • include [Governance Poll] in title
  • be stickied if there is an available slot or linked to from pinned comment in the existing sticky, for poll duration
  • have only options "Yes (some clarifying text allowed here)" and "No", and optionally "Abstain/Don't care"
  • be passed when the donut weighted "Yes" is greater than "No" and when "Yes" also reaches the dynamic decision threshold (quorum that adapts to recent levels of participation)


1 Poll Proposal posts will be:

  • active for 2 days prior to commencing with the actual poll
  • proposing non-biased wording for the poll text body and options
  • linked to from a pinned comment in the daily
  • receive sign-off to proceed by 2 moderators2 OR achieve 2/3 majority in an override vote3
  • include [Poll Proposal] in title


2 Moderator sign-off should ensure:

  • impartial language is used in poll body and options texts
  • that the poll is actionable
  • a reasonable limit (2) to the number of concurrent governance polls


3 An override poll must:

  • be a normal, non-governance, or "sentiment" poll
  • include [Override Mod Sign-off] in title
  • link to mod rejection statements
  • have only options "Yes (override)" and "No", and optionally "Abstain/Don't care"
  • achieve donut-weighted 2/3 majority "Yes" vs "No"
  • have a minimum duration of 5 days
  • linked to from a pinned comment in the daily

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