The simplyBrand: Brand Ecosystem

The ecosystem of Simply-Brand intends to offer a solution to the issue of the movement of fake items that are glowingly harmful; they’ll develop a sophisticated ecosystem that lets uses as well as producers to keep away from counterfeiting. Out there may be several other brand protection systems, so what makes Simply-Brand Ecosystem much diff?

The technology of block-chain has become extremely famous in recent time, as evidenced by the several tech and economy that have started applying Block. BTC is the very first app from Block tech, the presence of BTC makes block tech more widely known. Vitalik with his plan about ETH capable to boost the block chain’s capability to don’t just generate crypto assets; but also decentralized apps and Smart agreements can be realized including Simply Brand which will apply this innovation from Buterin.

The technology of Block chain is a new method to store information or databases that are openly distributed that can’t change, digitally recorded information packaged in blocks. The entire this Data is stored in linked data blocks as strings which are encrypted. This ecosystem makes it possible to make sure that all the information in the block chain can’t be corrupted and still can’t be changed in any way.

The use of block tech in Simply-Brand Ecosystem’s effort to eradicate the movement of fake items has become very amazing for me. The block concept is indeed developed to be able of decentralization that means that there’s not mid center as an official to distribute a trade, but the society itself broadly. The Simply-Brand Ecosystem will apply block tech to publish info about traders of fake items. Consumers let contributing in offering info about fake items on the platform, items marked with counterfeit tags will become stores on the blacklist ecosystem, which will be published on the block afterward.

The consumer will receive SBA asset if the info given is valid. In diff words, they all work jointly to eradicate fake items in movement, hoping that buyers will know the items they’ve to purchase and save from the loss of purchasing fake items.

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