We’re aiming to train 1000 developers for free in 2019! We need your help to do it.

Hey everyone!

If you've been around this subreddit for a while you've seen us before. We've been training developers on Ethereum for 4 years now!

We've just launched our first community education programme at GoerliCon together with the Department of Decentralisation, the team behind EthBerlin!

B9lab is committing to co-sponsor up to 500 free seats to students and we are looking for organisations and individuals from the community to help us fund the other half. So for every seat sponsored we provide another one for free. Every seat is 999DAI, the contribution address is available on blockstars.b9lab.com. We've got sponsorship packages, hit me up if your organisation want to support this project and be involved in the student channels, workshops etc.

The programme is aimed at people who are already developers, regardless of circumstances and background, but have not been able to learn about Ethereum yet. Developers apply and go through a simple screening test. Applications are open now and will run through February. On the 1st of March we will select the best students and invite them to the learning platform. The number obviously depends on how many seats we can raise DAI for.

The course itself is online and self-paced, a mix of text, images, videos, screencasts and animations. Students do coding exercises and our mentors provide code review and feedback. Mentors also stand by to answer questions and guide students through tough spots. We're covering blockchain basics, in-depth Solidity, EVM, deployment, Web3 and Truffle.

But we also want to make the course fun and colourful so if you would like to organise a talk, remote workshop, local learning group or similar, please ping me.

So, we are looking for sponsors and collaborators to make this happen! Looking forward to working with you guys to make this happen.

I'll try to answer any questions asap 🙂

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