Question about shard partitions and inter-shard communication

I try to stay in touch with sharding development but there is a question I couldn't find an answer to. It seems to me that the trade-off inherent to a sharded blockchain is that cross-shard communications must be slower than intra-shard communication since a node only knows the current states in the shard is validating (I read an estimate of 6 minutes for a cross shard transaction on If sharding is to become a true scaling solution and we imagine a future ethereum blockchain with 100+ shards, this means that on average more than 99% of all transactions will be slow cross shards transactions and finality in the sharded blockchain become much much slower than in a non-sharded one. This is of course if the account partition into the different shards is more or less random. So what do researcher imagine to circumvent this problem? Do they imagine a future where accounts will be in the same shard as the accounts they are more likely to interact with? If yes how would that works? Thanks for the answers

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