[Advice seeking post] trust or no?

Hey community, I'm quite new to crypto. I started getting into it around few weeks ago, really liked Ethereum concept and now I feel I'm ready to buy some ETH and make my first transactions.

But with this comes the question of choosing a wallet. I don't want to go for a cold storage wallet yet because I'm only going to use a small amount of money to buy ETH and I don't want to use web based services either because I almost never use my laptop these days, I stick to my smartphone. And moreover, why use web versions if there is an app for almost everything nowadays?

I googled top app store wallets and Blockchain Wallet and Coinbase were among the top results. I guess they are more or less trustable because of their position in the search results and I'm OK with using them, but they look a bit old-fashioned, like back from 2015.

Then I searched some review articles in order to find some not so well known, but still good ETH wallets, and one of the options I found was Lumi Wallet.

It looks really nice and doesn't seem to have a lot of negative reviews. It also claims to keep private keys on the device as well as app password protection and mnemonic phrase. All these points give me a good feeling about this wallet and I'm willing to give it a try with a little money.

So, here's the question. Have any of you used this app? What is your opinion about it?