Claim up to 150k in bug bounty rewards for the test dxDAO

Security is important, especially when an entire community is a stakeholder in a project. Before the vote staking period for the dxDAO begins February 18th, we'll be running a bug bounty program with rewards up to $150k.

The bug bounty payouts for hackers focus on two major attacks:

– Gaining access to ETH or ERC20 tokens in locking contracts

– Breaking the DAO, either by passing a decision or draining its funds against a majority vote

If bountied vulnerabilities are found, hackers can either report the bug or drain the associated funds. If reported, the rewards can be paid out if the funds are still accessible. Payout for the bug bounty program will not exceed the funds used in the test dxDAO. Please see the Contract Addresses section below for links to the code, and Reporting section below for further details on the reporting process.

Find out more here:

For direct contact, join our Riot channel:

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